riverside by jennifer stoever

you heartless
yanking me
blackened hopes
puppet legs flailing
wind knocked out
eyes relentlessly
chafed by orange

Forever grabbing,
hurling me back-
just as i start to run away.

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"I am the turd that is ready and the world is a wide open anus." -Martin Luther

And that brings to a close the inaugural issue of Budget Press International. I hope it was an enjoyable trip. The next one will come out whenever 1) I have the time and 2) I have the stories. I would like to encourage anybody that is out there with a travel story to tell or a political manifesto they want to get off their chest to send it in for publication. The motto of BS International (as we in the know like to call it) is 'no boundaries'. Not only does this mean geographically, but also intellectually and literary, as I hope you can see from this issue. The best way to submit a piece or write a letter to the editor (there will be a letters section in subsequent issues) is to send it via e-mail to johnniebbaker@hotmail.com.

This is the last Budget Press publication produced in sunny Rivercide CA. As of June 22, 1998 the old address will no longer be valid. It is time for Budget Press and I to go truly international. From now on all Budget Press stuff will be published overseas. The best way (and maybe the only way) to follow the growing Budget Press empire is on the web at www.angelfire.com/ca/bpress. In fact, you can find BS International in its entirety on the web, with some extra pictures thrown in! Once again, the best way to communicate with Budget Press is e-mail, but if you are computer illiterate, the new mailing address will be 2764 Caminito Cedros, Del Mar, CA 92014. Mail sent here will be forwarded to wherever I might be at the time, but it might take a long while. And this is my mother's address, so make the packaging tasteful. You can always check on the web page for updates on the address. As soon as there is a permanent one, it will be on the net, but I recommend the e-mail for any correspondence.

In conclusion I would like to say good-bye to Rivercide. It has treated Budget Press well. I will miss the many friends that I have made in these last few years. I don't plan on ever coming back, but hey, one thing I have learned over the years is never say never (especially because I once said I would never come back before, and yet here I am, leaving again). But one thing I do promise is this: I will stretch that rubber band as far as it can go.

johnnie b. baker

budget press


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