Other Poetry!
Here's some, but not all!

Real Rockwell

it was the only real Thanksgiving I've ever had
but that's all I really remember
how real it was
how Normal Rockwell
lots of people in sweaters
turkey, stuffing,
a football game
in another room
and lots of relatives saying hello
though not to me
since I was just a guest
I just remember some images
a couple things, real Rockwell

and the pecan pie

and I've had pecan pie since then
with ice cream
whipped cream
coffee, cappuccino, espresso
I've had it hot
at room temperature

sometimes it was chewy
sometimes the stuff under the nuts was watery
I hate when it's like that
but it's never been like that Thanksgiving
never been real Rockwell
sweaters, turkey,
a football game
in another room
it just doesn't taste the same
without that stuff around

Paul Semel
scope of the city

Hollywood Boulevard
dying long years since
prepared for embalming

Wilshire Boulevard
dead or dying

7th and Olympic
last view of the city
that is a city

Westside Toontown
full of watchfull eyes
hard green

South Bay
the ancient ghost town

from cowtown to ballsaches
the San Fernando Valley
in 50 years

East is East
the South shall never rise

C. Mulrooney
Mouse and Frog

They chatted by the river
Laughing, joking, telling
Outrageous tales, trusting
The open-hearted other

Two in one, one in two
Fused hearts each in each
They passed hours to reach
The time they bid adieu

"O frog, Friend of friends
Heart of mine, comfort pillow.
We part beneath this willow
From where each path wends.

Journeys solo yet together
We'll meet anew, afresh
Our chattering will mesh
No matter what the weather"

Lanny Fields

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