Excerpts from To Watch the Lights and Shoot the Breeze by David Miller

Sometimes we used to park
Up in the hills, above the orange groves,
On curvy dirt roads
Used mostly by fruit pickers,
above the last house and
Beyond the outskirts of town,
While our parents and
Prudish classmates lay in bed or
Watched the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Here's a small part of the centerfold by Jeffrey S. Ribaudo

Budget Press Review #2 features the art of Jeffrey S. Ribaudo

Excerpts from an untitled poem by Bob Nye

Pieces of me fell all over the sidewalk
And like starfish thay all started
Crawling off in their own
Seperate directions
You laughed
I guess you didn't think it was too painful
Meanwhile on the ground
Pieces of me went pathetically
In circles
Looking for another hand to shake

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