Exceprts from Fiery Coffin by ken robidoux

Stoke the fire
twelve nights and thirteen days
paint up and dance
drink thick port wine
and eat wild mushrooms
gambol an earthen ring
round my ashes
as you jump and scream
and beat your chest
you naked crazy bastartds.

Out now! The Budget Press Review #2!

christmas greetings from johnnie b. baker

Here's a hardy ho-ho to all you people out in winter-land. 
Welcome to the all-new Budget Press Review #2!
Of course, here it is December and it's 75f outside here 
in sunny Rivercide. Once again I have 
traveled high and low to bring you the highest level of 
artistic fluency anywhere, and I like to think I have 
succeeded. Included within these hallowed pages is new 
poetry from Bob Nye, the author of Sign of the Cross, a new 
short story from Paula Lopez, the author of Lilith's Panties, 
as well as artwork from Jeffrey S. Ribaudo, the creator of 
meagarity. Also included inside are new poems from ken 
robidoux and David Miller. So sit back, relax, and order the 
Budget Press Review today! For only $1 you can have the full 
hard copy of all the groovy things you only get a glimpse of 
here. Lot's of other stuff will be included when we send you 
the review in the mail. **out of print**

Excerpts from Gas by Paula Lopez

Wow, it truly was a unique odor. It wasn't earthy and thick like most bodily releases. You know the type that swims around your whole head and kind of makes you dizzy, the type that screams out "humanity!" No, this smell confined itself strictly to your nose and very slowly worked its way up to your recognition, where invariably your brain would reject it. It was a very detached sort of smell, almost mechanical, an apathetic fart.

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