Out Now! The Budget Press Review #1!

Greetings to you all! Welcome to the Budget Press review! This is the first of hopefully many to come your way. I have scoured the globe to find the highest level of artistic fluency anywhere! After all, everything I publish has my name on it! From within the Budget Press family, I found !Micromegalomania!, a new short story from S. T. Brophy, the author of nice guys finish furniture, and Exiled by P. Sebastian Strong, the author of Unpleasantly Plump. Also included within these gilded pages are three new illustrations from Chris Katko, and two new poems from Chad Davidson. Even I, johnnie b. baker, is represented with my short story, Funland at the Beach. So sit back, relax, and order the Budget Press Review today! For only $1 you can have the full hard copy of all the groovy things you only get a glimpse of here. Lot's of other stuff will be included when we send you the review in the mail. **out of print**

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Cover Art by Steve Hovey

Excerpts from !Micromegalomania!

She tore through her speech with an impassioned
vehemence which defied the very passivity of which
she spoke. Mostly because her bladder was beginning 
to define an urge. Time to wrap it up.

"Of course, ladies and gentlemen, this whole 
theory presupposes an environment in which females 
are in a short supply. As for us, well, boys, we 
gotcha outnumbered by about 2%, which means we've 
got a lot more work to do and you shouldn't have 
to kill each other to get some."

She half expected them to pass her to her seat, 
each one honored to share in the moment as they 
handed her along to the next. As it was, they 
stood when she passed them, all at once prom 
queen, blushing bride, bitch goddess, and eternal
virgin. The prize they might win if they cop 
to all their sins. She collapsed into her chair 
with the dramatic pretense of exhaustion; she 
couldn't well have gone straight to the bathroom. 

Excerpts from Funland at the Beach

Fred decided to go swimming. He grabbed one of the 
boogie boards and off he went. Then, all the sudden, 
the moon shifted, and the lunar pull scorched the
waves to ten feet. Fred started tripping. He did
some intense boogie boarding. The wave got bigger
and bigger. It was up to 45 feet high...