ST Brophy

Normal Morning (9/7/95)

It was a normal morning
took the train into work
where a fat man lay
face down and buckass naked
on the cold platform at Montgomery station
ringed by policemen
talking about sports scores and tradin whore stories
the man wasn’t handcuffed
the huge nude dude
his hands were bound with bandanas
and he wasn’t under arrest
I figure he was dead

It was a normal day
a well-heeled yuppie paused
right in the doorway of Show World
on Market
wiping at a crotch-level spot on his leisure slacks
until he was satisfied
he’d got it out
turned and went right back inside

it was a normal afternoon
a secretary or maybe a prostitute
applied fresh paint
in the mirror on an ATM
the one that lets you know if someone’s
sneaking up to snag your fast cash
and a handicap Mexican man blocked traffic
in his wheelchair
inexplicably festooned in crucifixes

It was a normal evening
a black guy in my neighborhood stood in a doorway
with a Rottweiler that nearly snapped its chain
trying to get at some poor little kid
also black
before turning its attention on me
"Yeah," my neighbor said to his snarling drooling beast
"that’s the one"

It was a normal night
I bought a couple beers at the corner store
went home
and stayed inside
for the duration

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